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What is olympiad?

Olympiads are a kind of competitive exam, held across schools, to tap exceptional students with the best of potential, talent, aptitude, and IQ.

Olympiad exams are a gateway to let a student learn their educational strengths. These exams enhance the student’s learning capacity, logical reasoning, and scientific ability. During these exams, the subjects covered are- science, maths, computers, or any other languages such as English or Hindi. Based on the national or international level, they can observe and work upon their significant weaknesses, which boost up their strengths. It boosts their confidence to improve themselves academically.

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How to Prepare for International Maths Olympiad (IMO)?

IMO stands for International Mathematical Olympiad. It is meant for high school students and is known as the world championship mathematics competition. It takes place every year, just like any other competitive exam. You can prepare for IMO once you know all the concepts and solutions to every problem. After you have prepared the mathematical concepts and solutions, take the mock tests, and solve as many sample papers as possible. Practice as many previous years' question papers, as possible.

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What is English Olympiad?

Interestingly, there are as many as 6,000 languages in the world. English is one of the most dominant languages among these. Worldwide, there are over 400 million native speakers of English. English is the original language of England. Today, English has become an important subject for achieving career goal of life. English Olympiad is an advanced technique for improving English language.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Prepare Your Child for Olympiad?

Most of the parents and students take Olympiad exams as a burden or an addition to the routine studies. The thought behind is that it hampers the studies and lower down the grades. Here we tell you TEN reasons why every student should face at least one good Olympiad exam.

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How to Prepare for Olympiad?

Being a parent is quite tough, especially if your kid is a topper, as you have an additional worry to maintain your kids score the same or make it better so that he/she continues to be a topper. To make this a habit, kids need to master a couple of techniques and instill some highly effective studying habits.

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What is Cyber Olympiad?

Cyber Olympiad is one of the most preferred subjects in which students participate with great interest. It is an exam that tests computer related knowledge and cyber concepts. Digitalization has greatly influenced each and every industry in today’s times. In order to be at par with competition, it is important for students to be a genius in computers. This exam has only one level, unlike other subjects. Computer is a compulsory subject taught in all schools. Today, each and every school in India is equipped with computer labs. Most schools have the best of infrastructure, software and hardware where students can attain practical knowledge. It is imperative for computer teachers to impart practical training apart from teaching theoretical concepts in class.

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What is Math Olympiad?

Maths Olympiad is an Olympiad that is offered by Indian talent Olympiad. This exam is for the students of class 1st to 10th. The main motive of the international Maths Olympiad is to clear out the concepts among students so that each student can tackle the tricky questions. Alternatively, this Olympiad exam helps the students test their strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject. Math Olympiad is one of the scoring subjects that help you improve confidence and academic performance. If you are also a Maths enthusiast or you are going to give this Olympiad exam, then it is the ideal decision as this subject gives you a good percentage.

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How to improve your Spoken English in 7 Steps?

In today's era, it has become very crucial for someone to know English properly. The competitive state of the world will ultimately force you to learn English speaking against your will. The only common medium between people belonging to different states, countries, or continents is English. For instance, if you plan to go on a trip to Bali or any foreign place, you can only converse in English even for a little thing like water. Hence, the importance of English is beyond imagination. Westernized culture has affected everything everywhere.

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What is Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad is one of those competitions which was started in America and the students who would want to participate in the same would have to compete with each other in 23 events that relate to several disciplines included in the scientific field. The olympiad originated in the United States and students from across 50 states participate in the competition. The Science Olympiad is meant for both middle and high school students.

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