Olympiad Results 2022

Olympiad Results help us think critically about how our children's performance increases day by day.

The Olympiad results generated by experts help us tactically understand the candidates' sectors of strength and weaknesses. There are different kinds of results generated for classes 1-12 in as many subjects as English, Mathematics, Science, and Computer Technologies. The results provide speedy results of our reasoning and logical sides.

Also, in this era of the competitive world and when you are the most curious parents thinking to let your child get into this field of extensive competition, these Olympiad results are surely going to help you analyze the distance and weaknesses of your child.

Some benefits of glancing at Olympiad results:

  • The results generated are very much conceptual under heavy proficiency from experts.
  • The results help us to analyze the areas of interests and weaknesses statistically.
  • The results help us to glance at the sides to prepare for upcoming competitive exams on national and international levels.

We provide results for various olympiad exams including SOF, ASSET, EduHeal Foundation, MacMillan ICAS/IAIS, SilverZone and Unified Council Olympiad Exams.

The Olympiad questions generated by our Experts are very much capable of letting you understand your children's weak and positive aspects.

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Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) Olympiad Results

Science Olympiad Foundation conducts the Olympiad exam in different subjects like Science, Mathematics, Computer and General Knowledge. This foundation is generally a Not-for-profit organization. It is one of the most appreciated organizations and provides a high education level through their sample paper. The SOF cycle helps the students to enhance their skills, talents in various fields.

The Olympiad led by the Science Olympiad Foundation allows the students to improve their performance. All the SOF activities help the students test their insight at a specific level, and through SOF, students draw out the change in their way to deal with subjects to make them more interactive and practical.


After your hard work and dedication in giving the Olympiad exam, now, is the time to check out the result of your hard work. If you find difficulty in not finding the reliable site where you can check out your Olympiad level 1 and level 2 results, there is no need to worry. This is where you can look at your SOF results with no problem. You can tap on the below link for your SOF Olympiad results 2022.

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SilverZone Foundation Olympiad Results

SilverZone foundation is an NGO that focuses on promoting competitive awareness among the students at school, national and global levels. SilverZone foundation conducts Olympiad exams that will improve the norm of proficiency among younger students. Along with this, it also urges the young talents to boost up their knowledge.

SilverZone foundation takes the Olympiad exam from class 1st to 12th, and the student's performance is recognized depending on the levels. Those students who get qualified for the level 1 exam will be eligible to give the Level 2 exam. The students who score the first rank in the Level 2 exam will get the opportunity to go for the Level 3 exam. All the outstanding students will get recognition in different forms like medals, trophies, and certificates.


SilverZone foundation Olympiad results will be declared in Feb/March. However, this result is available on the official site. But, if you visited here to check out your Silverzone result. No need to worry. We have shared a link that will take you to the official site. This way, you can look at your Silverzone Olympiad result.

You will have to fill in your details like your name, email address, enrollment number, father/mother name, etc., and by tapping on the search result, the Silverzone foundation result will be open on the screen. You can also check the Silverzone Olympiad result 2022 by clicking the below link.

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ASSET Olympiad Results

ASSET or Assessment of Scholastic Skills Through Educational Testing is a test designed specifically to test candidates' skills. In view of a survey test, this asset exam uses multiple choice questions and keeps in mind the curriculum's skills and concepts that the students will comprehend. The test, along with focusing on the weak areas, also focuses on every student's strong areas in the class.

This skill-based test measures the student's conceptual understanding of the student. Accordingly, benchmark the performance at the national and state level. Along with this, it will also provide asset exam results in 2022 that will be easy to understand.


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IAIS Olympiad Results

IAIS - International Assessments for Indian Schools, is conducted by Macmillan Education in partnership with Educational Assessment Australia(EAA) an education group of UNSW Global Pty Limited

International Assessments for Indian Schools (IAIS) is a leading international student assessment service that provides an objective, in-depth, external assessment of student skills in key learning areas. IAIS is a diagnostic assessment which brings to light the strengths and weaknesses of a student on the four core subject areas of English, Science, Mathematics and Digital Technologies.


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Unified Council Olympiad Results

Unified Council is a professionally managed progressive organisation in the field of education, established in the year 1998 by eminent personalities from various fields, including some academicians of international repute. Since its inception, Unified Council has brought together, the best brains in the field of education, in an endeavour to make the younger generation fundamentally stronger and to nourish their brains for a bright and enterprising future. The Unified Council Team comprises experienced teachers and professionals having an intense involvement with school education. Their hands-on experience helps the team create and implement solutions that are based on actual needs of schools and teachers. These solutions are based on the strong foundation of curriculum and educational research.

The focus on fundamentals is important. A student, after completing his/her education, is able to face the competitive world with equanimity, once armed with these fundamentals. Even while opting for higher studies, the student has to go through a complete scan of what and how much he/she knows. Exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIIMS, AFMC, CAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, are designed to test the fundamental strengths of a student. Hence, the need of the hour is to build the fundamental base as strong as possible.


The results of the Unified Cyber Olympiad 2022-23 exam were announced on December 18, 2022, by the Unified Council. You may access the UCO 2020-23 results online at unifiedcouncil.com, the United Council of Examiners' official website.

If you have entered your registered mobile number, email address, and 8-digit hall ticket number, you can view the Unified Cyber Olympiad Results 2022-23.

The Unified Cyber Olympiad exam result for 2022-23 contains the name, classroom, and marks of the students who took part in the Unified Cyber Olympiad for 2022-23.

The Unified Cyber Olympiad 2022-23 took place on October 19, 2022 (offline) and October 23, 2022 (online). As part of the UCO results in 2022-23, participating schools will receive a General School Cyber Diagnostic Report (GSCDR), and students will receive a Cyber Diagnostic Report (CDR).

There will be a cash prize of Rs. 2,000,000 awarded to the top student at UCO. The top rankers in each class are eligible to receive laptops and mementos.

UCO Result 2023 Date

Students must be aware of the full UCO 2023 exam schedule to complete the testing process efficiently without encountering difficulties.

Can you check UCO Results 2022-2023 online?

You will be required to enter your 8-digit hall ticket number and other details to check the results of the Unified Cyber Olympiad 2022-23. Please follow all the instructions if you want to check your UCO 2022-23 results.

How to check the results of the Unified Cyber Olympiad 2023?

  • You can access the official website at unifiedcouncil.com.
  • Select UCO from the list of results by tapping "Results."
  • On the new page, click the submit button after entering your mobile number, email address, and an 8-digit hall ticket number.
  • The UCO results for 2023 will appear on the screen. Take a screenshot or printout of the screenshot if you intend to use it for any further purposes.
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EduHeal Foundation (EHF) Olympiad Results

EduHeal Foundation - EHF is a registered International NGO promoted by leading educationists, corporate heads and media doyens. EHF is actively engaged in searching talented school students by reaching out to 4000 schools and 6 lakhs students annually.

With the help of many activities and use of Information Technology in learning process that involve school going students across the entire country, the Science Olympiad Foundation has been promoting scientific attitude and temperament for over two decades now.


EduHeal Foundation brings together the most talented students across the nation. It's a competition where the most talented students are selected at three levels, and it's designed to test students' abilities and determine the best.

The exam is available both on paper and online. Normally, the first level of the EduHeal Olympiad is done on paper, and the second and third levels are done online. EduHeal foundation exams are offered in more than 1000 schools and 200 computer centers.

One mark is alloted for each right answer. There is no negative marking. In case of a tie, following preference with respect to the marking will be followed: First, subject questions, then General IQ. and finally Interactive questions. In case the tie-up persists other parameters including teleinterview will be followed. The student roll number will be as given in the attendance sheet. Level 2 and level 3 follow level 1 exam. Level 2 will be the final level by EHF and all prizes to be given by EHF will be awarded to merit students based on the rank obtained in Level 2. Level 3 may be conducted as per sponsorer/associated organizations - National or International. Prizes, as designated by these organizations, will be awarded.

EduHeal Foundation Olympiad - Significance

  • There is also the option of taking the exam online. Most often, the online exam is administered after the paper-based test has been completed.
  • The EduHeal program offers students the opportunity to attend national seminars. As part of the program, students can visit locations such as BSE and ISRO, where influential individuals can be observed.
  • Each student receives a certificate of participation. Medals of gratitude are awarded to 33% of the top scorers at EduHeal. All students who achieve level 2 receive scholarships, computers, and tablets.
  • There will be rewards for students who meet the requirements for level 3.

EduHeal Foundation Olympiad Result 2023

Students will be able to view their EduHeal Foundation Olympiad scores and marks online after the exam process has been completed. The official authority of the EDUHEAL Olympiad will announce the EduHeal Foundation Olympiad Results 2023 online during the exam process.

There will be an online version of the EduHeal Results 2023 available, which can be accessed by entering the candidate's name and roll number.

Candidates who achieve the highest scores will be awarded awards and certificates following the release of the results.

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National Olympiad Foundation (NOF) Olympiad Results

NOF stands for National Olympiad Foundation. This Olympiad Foundation encourages social and academic talent among the students. Students will be encouraged to come out of the four corners of the classroom, and all its resources are utilized for children. Its main headquarter lies in Indore. With this foundation, all the students can reach the common platform. NOF is an organization that conducts academic examinations across the whole country. It is a whole body of academicians that lets the students prepare for the examinations.

NOF 2021 exam is prepared to make the students compatible with all the boards like CBSE, ICSE, different state boards. Some of the essential details regarding the NOF exam is as follows:


You have given your Olympiad exam, which is probably a fearful time for you as it is your result time. However, sit back and relax, have a glass of water, and move towards checking out your NOF Olympiad exam result. If you also get frustrated with not finding the correct site, chill. You landed on the right page. At Practice-Olympiad, you can easily check out your NOF Olympiad Exam result and that too without any problem. Next, you have to click on the link below and check out your NOF Olympiad Exam result.

Results will be declared in January on the official website.

click here to access the results of NOF Olympiad Exam.

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Humming Bird Olympiad Results

Humming bird Olympiad is an international exam also abbreviated as HBTSE Olympiad. It is meant for students of class’s I-XII and helps them in searching for their talents. The paper consists of questions from Mathematics, Science, and reasoning. There are two levels of this examination. One is at the National level and the other one is the International level. It has recently started taking place at the district levels along with the addition of subjects in it, for instance, it recently added Hindi in its examination.

Humming Bird Education Ltd. is the world’s only Olympiad organization listed on Bombay Stock Exchange with CIN No. U80221DL2010PLC207436 thus making us the biggest Third Party Evaluators for students & teachers.


Humming bird Olympiad result for this year is already announced. The most interesting thing about this competitive exam is that they have recently started the talent search exam for teachers and professors under the name “Educator Excellence Olympiad” also abbreviated as EEO for professors and educators. It is an exam that improves their teaching skills hence, it is not based on any particular subject. Humming bird Olympiad results come online that requires a registration number. Students can also collect their results from their school office. Level 1 Olympiad results are out while the Level 2 exam will start in February.

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The international Olympiad movement is aimed at bringing the most gifted secondary and higher secondary students of the world together in a friendly competition of the highest level. The Olympiads do not lead directly to any career benefits; rather, they provide a stimulus to begin a career in science or mathematics, to undertake a lifelong journey into the realms of exciting intellectual challenges. The Olympiads are not merely competitions, they are the meeting places of the brightest young minds of the world, and many friendships forged at the Olympiads form the seeds of scientific collaboration later in life. Much like the Olympics in sports, the Olympiads are a celebration of the very best in school level science and mathematics.

A major national Olympiad programme in basic sciences and mathematics which connects to the international Olympiads is in operation in India. The Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education is the nodal centre of the country for this programme. The programme aims at promoting excellence in science and mathematics among pre-university students.


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TERI GREEN Olympiad Results

GO4Youth is basically an online examination that consists of varied MCQs to test out the student's knowledge as well as aptitude regarding the environment. Under this examination, many topics are covered related to water, energy, air, agriculture, waste, climate change, sustainable development, and biodiversity. Apart from these, questions that access the student's personal choice and behavior are included in the exam.

The TERI Green Olympiad has begun with a vision-related to sustainable development, and it centers on taking extreme care of the planet. The primary purpose of integrated education is to provide the proper skills, values, and knowledge needed to achieve sustainable development.


Schools registered for the Green Olympiad will receive hard copies of the results from the Energy and Resources Institute. TERI Green Olympiad 2023 results are only available online for schools using their school codes; students can't access them.

Schools are requested to access results through Official Website with the help of allotted school code and roll numbers. The results will be available on the project website (www.teriin.org/olympiad).

TERI will not consider any individual requests for results at any stage.

Foundation will send Students Marks along with certificates along with the documents to the schools.

TERI Green Olympiad Results Highlights

A green Olympiad is an annual written examination sponsored by the Environment Education & Awareness Area (EEA) at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

In the Green Olympiad examination, schools affiliated with recognized education boards and trusts participate yearly.

The results of the Green Olympiad are announced 15 days after the exam has been successfully completed.

TERI Green Olympiad Results 2023

TERI Olympiad results 2023 will be announced on the official website. Students must enter their TERI green Olympiad login ID in order to view their results. According to recent announcements, TERI Green Olympiad results will be released in the near future.

TERI Green Olympiad Result Details

The results of the Green Olympiad 2023 will be presented to students in the form of Student Performance Reports (SPRs), participation certificates, and rank certificates. Here are the details from the TERI Green Olympiad 2023 results page.

  • Name
  • Class
  • School name
  • Roll number or reference number
  • Total and section-wise marks obtained
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UNICUS Olympiad Results

Unicus Olympiads is a brainchild of alumni from IIT Delhi, Stanford University, University of Chicago and Oxford University, along with a few other eminent professionals who have worked with the likes of Intel, HSBC, Fidelity, GE and A.T. Kearney.

They are India's first Summer Olympiad focusing on student's conceptual understanding of previous classes.


In India, the UNICUS Olympiad is the first summer Olympiad to test qualitative and quantitative competencies in science, English, mathematics, and general knowledge.

Taking part in this Olympiad exam enhances the students' curiosity as well as their questioning skills. Your child is getting prepared for the future by taking this exam. UNICUS Olympiad Results will provide you with information on your child's performance.

Through this olympiad, students will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts they have previously considered.

UNICUS Olympiad 2022: Key features

  • There must be 50 students from each school participating in the UNICUS Olympiad 2022.
  • UNICUS Olympiad 2022 will be held at the school participating in the competition.
  • There are two dates for the UNICUS Olympiad, and the answer key is released after the test.

Rewards and appreciation based on the UNICUS Olympiad Results 2022

  • The top 15% of students will be presented with a merit certificate
  • The students with 95% marks will receive a gold medal
  • The top 3 students will get a scholar trophy and a merit certificate
  • Every participant will receive a digital participate certificate

The results of the UNICUS Olympiad 2022 will be announced on the official site of the exam.

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INDIAN TALENT Olympiad Results

Indian Talent Olympiad was established in 2012 by leading academician & scientists of the country, with the objectives of identifying and nurturing student talent leading to improved academic performance. It helps to assess the knowledge, level of understanding, and reasoning ability of students (class I to class X) across India. Over 31,573 schools registered for the Indian Talent Olympiad Examinations till now and millions of students appeared in the Olympiad exams across India. Over the past years, we have won the trust of over 1 crore parents. More than 7 lac of teachers across the country have supported us in conducting our Indian Talent Olympiad event.

Indian Talent Olympiad is a platform where talent is shown its right path. Talent is nothing without opportunity and we provide that opportunity to millions of students from class I to class X through our 8 National Indian Talent Olympiad examinations conducted for the students. These Olympiad exams are path to nurture their talent and enhance academic performance that would make their future a glorious story. Students represent tomorrow’s India and Indian Talent Olympiad ensures they meet their goal.


The exam results are the most crucial aspect which decides the student's future. When the exam ends, the next thing students wait for is the exam results. A student can access the Indian Talent Olympiad Results 2022 on the official site.

The Indian Talent Olympiad exam takes place every year. The candidates can check the exam result by using their roll number, and the results are instantly available on the website.

How can a student check the online results?

The results of the Indian Talent Olympiad 2022 are available on the official website of the exam. However, students can either verify the results through the school administration. Students can review the exam online by following the steps listed below.

  • Visit the official site of the Indian Talent Olympiad.
  • The students will see the result section on the website's main page
  • Now enter the roll number and click on the search option
  • Student results are available on the Indian Talent Olympiad website and other information.
  • The details with exam results include students' grades, eligibility status for the next stage, and the rank of students.
  • The students can print out the Indian Talent Olympiad results for reference in the future.
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Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) Olympiad Results

The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is an on-going National Program of Fellowship in Basic Sciences, initiated and funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, to attract exceptionally highly motivated students for pursuing basic science courses and research career in science.

The objective of the program is to identify students with talent and aptitude for research; help them realize their academic potential; encourage them to take up research careers in Science, and ensure the growth of the best scientific minds for research and development in the country.


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Southeast Asian Mathematics Olympiad (SEAMO) Olympiad Results

Southeast Asian Mathematics Olympiad (SEAMO) is the brainchild of Terry Chew, the author of books like 'Wicked Mathematics' and the Olympiad series, 'Unleash the Maths Olympian in You'. The exam was introduced to India in 2016 and was offered to students of both Primary and Secondary schools. The exam is based on extensive research by the team in the Terry Chew Institute of Mathematical Olympiads and on the developed framework by examining multiple olympiads.

The framework is known as the RA*CE Framework and is used in the Terry Chew Acadamy. The academy has produced several students who have excelled in multiple international olympiads like Kangaroo, SASMO, NMOS, RIPMWC, SMOPS, Mathlympics, SMO, AMC8, AMC10 and many more.


Students have to log in to their profile on the SEAMO website to check their SEAMO Results. All students will be given a certificate of participation along with a scorecard explaining where the students require attention to improve.

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National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme (NMMS) Olympiad Results

The Government Sponsored Scheme “National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme (NMMS)” was first launched in May 2008. The scheme was designed to provide financial assistance for those who are economically backward but are exceptionally good at studies. In one of the research done by NSSO the dropout rate was high in secondary school (9th class - 10th class) which is nearly 17% than that of elementary and upper secondary. So the Indian government had taken an initiative to slow down this trend. students whose parents income is less than 1.5 LPA are eligible for the scholarship to utilize this benefit. The State Bank of India will fork out money directly to their bank accounts.


NMMS Result will be announced within the proposed date and Students can check it on the official NMMS website of their respective state. NMMS Result will declare who all are going to receive the scholarship.

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Technothlon Olympiad Results

Technothlon is a competition conducted for school students internationally by the student body of IIT Guwahati. Starting with a group of students in a small room in 2004 with the aim of “Inspire Young Minds”. The competition started with students in the city of Guwahati and has expanded to more than 400 cities in the past 14 years with various centers abroad.

Technothlon evolved from the idea of a group of students from IIT Guwahati to inspire young minds. Initial participation started from 200 only from the city of Guwahati. The participation increased to over 700 in the next two years and the exam had spread all over North-East India. The next year shows exponential growth in participation with it reaching four figures in 2008 with students participating from all over the country. In 2009, Technothlon tied up with more than 1000 Kendriya Vidyalaya. The next year saw it go international with it being conducted in Singapore and Dubai. It also tied up with Jawahar Navodaya all over the country.


Technothlon 2022 Result will be posted on the Technothlon official website. An email will also be sent to the winner who will be selected for Mains.

Technothlon is a school championship exam that is held on an international level. The students in the IIT field organize it.

This exam consists of different activities that enhance problem-solving skills. This exam is divided into prelims and mains.

However, if you want to find the results of the Technothlon Olympiad Exam, then all the updated information is on the official website of Technothlon.

How to check the results?

The Technothlon Olympiad focuses on the logical and analytical skills of the person. However, if you have to sit for

Technothlon Olympiad and find out how you can check the results, then follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to the official website of Technothlon.
  • Now the students should log in themselves using their registration ID and password.
  • The students can easily see the Technothlon exam results on their profiles.

Also, students who have passed the Technothlon Olympiad will also get a mail and e-merit certificate which students can download from the official website of Technothlon.

What are the expected dates of Technothlon Olympiad Results 2022?

The Technothlon Olympiad results 2022 are expected to be declared in August 2022 (prelims). After the third week of the results, students can also access the answer key (mid august 2022).

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The Indian Computing Olympiad is a nationwide competition organized annually by IARCS. The goal of the competition is to identify school students with outstanding skills in algorithms and computer programming.

The Indian Computing Olympiad is used to select the team of four students to represent India at the International Olympiad for Informatics (IOI). IOI is one of the twelve international Science Olympiads held annually. Other prominent Science Olympiads include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy.


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International level talent search examination (ISTSE) Olympiad Results

International level talent search examination for Indian Schools. Examination is designed to assess the overall intellectual potential of the students from class 1 to 10.

ISTSE is a scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test to get the strengths and weaknesses of individual students.


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Life Skills are the skills that we need, to deal effectively with the challenges in everyday life, whether at school, at work or in our personal lives. One could say that it is a ‘set of skills that allows us to live our life to its fullest’. A definitive list of Life Skills is something that educators, governments and employers continue to discuss and debate whether to call them Life Skills, 21st Century Skills or Soft Skills. But one thing they all agree upon is the fact that the students who are able to understand and use these skills, along with their school education, will be much better placed to take advantage of the personal and professional opportunities in future.

In today’s constantly changing environment, having Life Skills is a critical part of being able to meet the demands of daily life. The exponential changes in the global economies over the past few years have been influencing education,


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CREST Olympiad Results

CREST Olympiad is the online Olympiad Exam that generally tests the conceptual understanding of each student. This exam is conducted in Science, English, Computer, Mathematics, Reasoning, and SpellBee. These exams help the student to identify their potential in the competitive era. By giving the CREST Olympiad exam, students will get practical knowledge of the Olympiads that they can't learn in school. On this site, you will see the CREST Olympiad result, and the ranking will be based on the score that each candidate will get in the exam.

In general, these Olympiad papers focus on implementing the theoretical concepts among students.


CREST Olympiad Results builds the potential of a student and makes them think analytically, which is useful for the other competitive exams.

With the help of Crest Olympiad results, the student will be able to analyze the areas of interest and weakness.

The CREST Olympiad results will let the students improve their ability for the next exam.

The time for processing the result can take around 4-6 weeks. Later on, the result will be declared after a duration of 4-6 weeks.

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RPS Olympiad Exams Olympiad Results

The RPS Education Society held the first RPS Olympiad in January. Designed to ignite students' competitive spirit, the RPS Olympiad is an objective-type exam.

The RPS Olympiad is for grades 1-10, based on school curriculum subjects like math, science, general knowledge, and EVS.


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