NIMO Olympiad Results 2022

About NIMO Olympiad

Maths is a powerful language. Mathematics training disciplines the mind and develops logical and critical reasoning, it is one tool which is maximally used on a day to day basis. Even with the advent of computers and calculators, the importance of mathematics in daily affairs has increased. We need to make efforts to popularize maths among school students. To do so we need to remove the fear of maths, make learning fun and to tell them in clear terms that a basic knowledge of maths is vital in today’s economy. With this vision, EduHeal Foundation is conducting the National Interactive Maths Olympiad (NIMO). NIMO promises to make math more fun by introducing interactive activities like interactive olympiad, workshops and seminars. Mathematic Activity Books and annual e newspaper.

Eduheal Foundation[EHF] through its flagship programme-National Interactive Maths Olympiad [NIMO], is searching for kids who love maths[or even hate it!] and want to make a career in it.

Now into its 14th year, classes 1 to 12 students from all streams can participate.

Prizes worth 50 lakhs will be awarded to participating students, teachers and principals for promoting maths creativity.

Award of 100,000 to the overall best performing students in Math, Science, G.K and English.

Also EHF will encourage/mentor students of senior classes to participate in HMMT.EHF is a member of Harvard-MIT,USA mathematics tournament. HMMT is considered as a stepping stone to the International maths olympiads.