What is Science Olympiad?

Introduction to Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is one of those competitions which was started in America and the students who would want to participate in the same would have to compete with each other in 23 events that relate to several disciplines included in the scientific field. The olympiad originated in the United States and students from across 50 states participate in the competition. The Science Olympiad is meant for both middle and high school students.

Even though the concept was initiated in the US, this exam has been established in different countries as well. Just like any other competitive exam, this too is divided into several levels which begin from the invitational level to that of the national level. The one thing to be kept in mind before attempting this exam is that it is not the same as the International Science Olympiad as both the exams have different rules and regulations based on which they are conducted. The following article will help you in becoming more aware of how to go about the exam.

Olympiad exams have become a part of all schools in the recent times. Students are exposed to national level competitions from a young age. These exams are conducted in all subjects namely English, Science, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Social Studies, Art, Essay and even Spelling. It helps them to compete with one another and understand their own strengths in the subject. Science Olympiad is one of the popular exams conducted at Pan India level. This exam has two levels. The first level consists of basic scientific concepts. The second level tests students on advanced scientific theories. Students who clear the first round are promoted to the second round.

It is by enrolling and studying for the Science Olympiad, all the prospective Science enthusiasts would be able to explore and learn about all of the Science fields that they weren’t aware of in the first place. This is the reason why more and more students should apply for the same so that they can look at Science from a different perspective.

One thing that is noticed in most of the students is that they feel extremely burdened with the school work. This is because they are very used to spoon-feeding and they like to be given everything on the platter. However, the aspect to be considered in this situation is that while preparing for the Science Olympiad, students have to study several different aspects and subjects because of which they can understand the value of forming good study habits and that the school syllabus is not as vast as they thought it would be.

While preparing for the Science Olympiad, you would have to give several mock tests for the different subjects because of which you get into the habit of giving tests and understanding what you have been doing wrong all through. With the help of the Olympiad, you would be able to gain a lot of extra knowledge and you would also be able to get good marks in all the exams that you give.

7 Benefits of Science Olympiad

  • Science Olympiad exams do a lot more to bring out the best in a child
  • Increases in-depth knowledge and understanding of science concepts
  • Science Olympiad problems are more tricky and conceptual which helps students understand the topic well
  • Science Olympiad helps cultivate a kind of analytical thinking in children
  • Experience science as real scientists and apply the scientific method with meaning
  • The contents and the preparation of these exams emphasises on application oriented learning which is very useful in a longer run.
  • The most importhant benefit is that the child learns to answer in the alternate ways.

Various Science Olympiad Exams

Following Olympiad Exams are conducted for Science.

1. NSO Olympiad Exams

National Science Olympiad is an exam that is explicitly conducted for school students. SOF organizes this exam each year to check out the students' scientific, logical, and reasoning ability.

Also, the curiosity among the young students is analyzed through this competitive exam.

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2. ASSET Science Olympiad Exams

Asset Stands for Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing. It is a carefully and scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test. It does not test rote learning, but it uses MCQ’s through which it focuses to measure how well Skills and Concepts underlying the school syllabus have been understood by the student.

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3. IAIS Science Olympiad Exams

International Assessment for Indian Schools Science (IAIS Science) is conducted by MacMillan Education.

Students from class 1 to 10 participate in IAIS Science exam. They prepare for the courses through sample question and practice papers.

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4. NSTSE Olympiad Exams

NSTSE is also known as National Level Science Talent Search Examination. It is fundamentally a diagnostic examination conducted by Unified Council which helps students to improve their overall learning ability and educational performance.

Unlike other tests which may only find out how much a student knows or has memorised, NSTSE measures how well a student has understood the concepts and provides a detailed feedback on the same, to help him/her improve.

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5. NISO Olympiad Exams

National Interactive Science Olympiad (NISO) is conducted by Eduheal Foundation. NISO exam preparation guide has Science Olympiad preparation courses, exam dates, Free Online mock tests, online chapter-wise practice tests, printable worksheets and sample question papers with syllabus for Class 1 to 12 students.

It focuses to make students see the practical aspects and uses of science and research. NISO 2022 Exam Preparation Guide will be released by EduHeal after the registration process is finished. The guide is the culmination of all the things students require like sample papers, examination details (pattern, marking, dates), etc.

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6. ISQ Olympiad Exams

NOF conduct the international Science Olympiad as International Science Qualifier (ISQ).

National Olympiad Foundation (NOF) conducts Science Olympiad as International Science Qualifier (ISQ) across the globe for the classes of 11th & 12th. A participant has to answer 30 questions of varied difficulty level within a duration of 45 minutes. Students of class 11th & 12th can participate in the examination. The papers are designed in order to be compatible for the students of all the boards e.g. CBSE, ICSE, IB, different State Boards etc.

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7. HSO Olympiad Exams

HSO is Humming Bird Science Olympiad, an International level Science Olympiad for Class 1 to 12. The HSO is also available in ENGLISH MEDIUM, TAMIL MEDIUM and HINDI MEDIUM

The Olympiad is based on the Multiple Choice Question Pattern which helps the Children to be more precise & careful while attempting the Questions of Olympiad. Each Student will be given a Free Book (Worth Rs. 100/-) who have Science as their subject so that they may identify their Strong points & Weak points in the Subject.

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8. HBCSE Science Olympiad Exams

The National Science Olympiad starts with an examination held at nearly 1400 schools across the country and culminates with the international Olympiads at different corners of the world. The national level examinations are designed to assess the conceptual understanding, logical reasoning, laboratory skills, and above all, ability to apply problem-solving skills to novel situations, both theoretical and experimental. Training is included from the third stage of the programme and the first two stages do not necessarily require any specialised coaching outside the regular school system.

Participation in any International Olympiad in 2022 would be guided strongly by consideration of safety of the students and the mentors during their travel and stay abroad. At appropriate stages in the process, the Govt. of India (as well as the govt of the host country if necessary) will be approached for explicit clearance to proceed. Further continuation of the selection and training processes will be subject to obtaining the necessary clearances.

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9. USO Olympiad Exams

The Unicus Science Olympiad (USO) is an international competitive exam held online as well as offline (pen/paper) for students in classes 1-11 (year 2022-21). Please note that the exams for class 1 will be parent/teacher assisted. Students will be provided with three Mock Tests to practice before the Final Exam. The Mock Tests can be attempted for 3 times. The exam will be a MCQ-type test. The students of classes 2 to 11 need to complete the test in 60 minutes while students of class 1 need to complete in 45 minutes. Also, the syllabus for classes 3rd to 11th will cover the topics of the previous 2 classes passed by the student while the syllabus of class 2nd covers the topics of class 1. The syllabus of class 1st covers the topics of EVS taught in the schools in pre-primary classes.

The exam consists of two sections:

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10. ISO Olympiad Exams

International Science Olympiad (ISO) exam is a global Olympiad competition where students from different schools across countries can take part. It gives budding talent a platform to test their skill sets. Such exams make students ready for national as well as international competitions. Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) conducts Science Olympiad which is one of the best & most proficient Olympiads which nurtures the aspiring talent. The Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) team conducting Olympiad exams consists of professionals from various science fields who understand the exact requirement of students. The test questions are based on applied science. It uplifts existing knowledge of students on different topics of physics, chemistry and biology. This exam has two levels.

Enrolling for Science Olympiad exams have become easier than before. All you have to do is register your school with Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO).

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11. CSO Olympiad Exams

The CREST Science Olympiad (CSO) is an international competitive exam held online for students in classes Prep/KG and 1-10. For students of classes Prep/KG and 1-2, there will be only one level. There will be 2 levels for students of classes 3-10. The exam is an objective-type test that the students need to complete in 60 minutes. For students of class Prep/KG, the time of the exam will be 45 minutes.

There are separate question papers for each and every class. The medium of the exam is English.

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