ICO Olympiad Results 2022

ICO Olympiad Prize & Awards

Prizes worth 50 lakhs will be awarded to participating students, teachers and principals.

About ICO Olympiad

In today’s world, computer literacy is a must and computer education should begin at an early age. With this vision EHF is conducting the International Cyber Olympiad (ICO) and promises to make computer learning fun by introducing olympiads, Cyber Smart Activity Books, workshop, seminars and annual cyber smart e-newspaper. All these will give them the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a changing world.

The International Commerce Olympiad (ICO) is conducted by the Commerce Teachers’ Foundation (CTF), which is primarily a non-profit and voluntary organisation.

The ICO is held across all CBSE affiliated schools every year for classes 11 and 12

You can register for exam through your school. The CTF does not accept less than 20 entries from the school, and there needs to be 10 each from Class 11 and 12 or 20 from a single class (in case one of the classes is participating).