Technothlon Olympiad Exams - Syllabus, Practice Papers & Results

About Technothlon

Technothlon is a competition conducted for school students internationally by the student body of IIT Guwahati. Starting with a group of students in a small room in 2004 with the aim of “Inspire Young Minds”. The competition started with students in the city of Guwahati and has expanded to more than 400 cities in the past 14 years with various centers abroad.

Technothlon evolved from the idea of a group of students from IIT Guwahati to inspire young minds. Initial participation started from 200 only from the city of Guwahati. The participation increased to over 700 in the next two years and the exam had spread all over North-East India. The next year shows exponential growth in participation with it reaching four figures in 2008 with students participating from all over the country. In 2009, Technothlon tied up with more than 1000 Kendriya Vidyalaya. The next year saw it go international with it being conducted in Singapore and Dubai. It also tied up with Jawahar Navodaya all over the country.

In the next two years, the competition spread to more than 150 cities and around 200 centers. The mains for these two years saw visits from eminent personalities like Rajendra K. Pachauri – Nobel Laureate, Nobel Peace Prize 2007 & Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Dr. Udaya Kumar, the maker of the Rupee symbol.

By 2015 the exam had expanded to 350 examination centers across 250 cities in the country and the exam was also conducted in Hindi. It tied up with UNICEF and had visitors from other countries like Roger Hunter, Kepler Mission Manager at NASA Ames Research Center, Christer Fuglesang, Swedish physicist, and ESA Astronaut and Claude Nicollier, Swiss ESA and Professor at EPFL.

Technothlon Olympiad Exams Registration Process

Registration for Technothlon can be done online or via your school ( for KV's and JNV's).

For Technothlon 2022 Registration, students can go to the Register tab and register their team or the school can register all the students by uploading a file containing all the details.

Technothlon Olympiad Exams Results

Technothlon 2022 Result will be posted on the Technothlon official website. An email will also be sent to the winner who will be selected for Mains.

Technothlon is a school championship exam that is held on an international level. The students in the IIT field organize it.

This exam consists of different activities that enhance problem-solving skills. This exam is divided into prelims and mains.

However, if you want to find the results of the Technothlon Olympiad Exam, then all the updated information is on the official website of Technothlon.

How to check the results?

The Technothlon Olympiad focuses on the logical and analytical skills of the person. However, if you have to sit for

Technothlon Olympiad and find out how you can check the results, then follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to the official website of Technothlon.
  • Now the students should log in themselves using their registration ID and password.
  • The students can easily see the Technothlon exam results on their profiles.

Also, students who have passed the Technothlon Olympiad will also get a mail and e-merit certificate which students can download from the official website of Technothlon.

What are the expected dates of Technothlon Olympiad Results 2022?

The Technothlon Olympiad results 2022 are expected to be declared in August 2022 (prelims). After the third week of the results, students can also access the answer key (mid august 2022).

Technothlon Olympiad Exams By Class

Technothlon Olympiad Exam is conducted for the following classes.

1. Technothlon Olympiad Exams for Class 9

Class 9 Technothlon Olympiad Exam mainly focuses on developing multiple skills, and students can only participate as individual competitors. The Syllabus of the Olympiad is set to be identical to the curriculum followed by the CBSE & ICSE boards. This test comes under the junior squad.

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2. Technothlon Olympiad Exams for Class 10

Class 10 Technothlon Olympiad Exam helps in mental development and includes a syllabus that follows the CBSE and ICSE board curriculum. Technothlon Olympiad Exam is a logical assessment test conducted by the IIT Guwahati student body to test their basic logical, puzzle-solving, and decision-making skills, and it is involved under the junior squad test.

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3. Technothlon Olympiad Exams for Class 11

Class 11 Technothlon Olympiad Exam Syllabus is the same in every school; students can participate in events and competitions that test their mental ability and reasoning. The syllabus at the Technothlon Olympiad exam has been compared to courses used by the CBSE and ICSE boards and considered under the Haut’s squad test.

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4. Technothlon Olympiad Exams for Class 12

The Class 12 Technothlon Olympiad Exam prepares students for future competitive exams by acquiring the right mindset to grasp the knowledge they need. Hence the syllabus is set similar to the CBSE and ICSE syllabus. The competition is designed to develop basic skills and knowledge and teach students to think outside the box for solutions, and it comes under the Haut’s squad test.

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