CMO Olympiad Exam for Class 1

Class 1 CREST Mathematics(CMO) Olympiad Exam syllabus is as per CBSE & ICSE curriculum.

Online Sample Paper & practice questions for CREST for class 1 given on this website will help you prepare for the exam.


CREST Olympiad is the online Olympiad Exam that generally tests the conceptual understanding of each student. This exam is conducted in Science, English, Computer, Mathematics, Reasoning, and SpellBee. These exams help the student to identify their potential in the competitive era. By giving the CREST Olympiad exam, students will get practical knowledge of the Olympiads that they can't learn in school. On this site, you will see the CREST Olympiad result, and the ranking will be based on the score that each candidate will get in the exam.

In general, these Olympiad papers focus on implementing the theoretical concepts among students.

The CREST Olympiad is an international competitive exam held online for students in classes 1-10 which is divided into various levels. The exam is an objective-type test that the students need to complete in 60 minutes.