ASSET English Olympiad Exam - Syllabus, Practice Papers & Results

About ASSET English Olympiad Exams

In the ASSET English Olympiad Exam, students will have the option to develop themselves, as it’s an analytic test that helps them build their skills. ASSET exams monitor the students about how much they understand the concept and accordingly give detailed feedback concerning it.

Also, the ASSET practice test helps the students know their hold on the concept and make a quick move according to it. As the students' conceptual gaps increase from class to class, they build up the 'fear' for the subject as they reach a higher grade.

This test is designed scientifically, and it's the other skill-based assessment test that focuses on measuring the skills and concepts regarding the school syllabus that has been learnt by the student. This test also provides information regarding the Strengths and Weaknesses of the students, along with their class.

Being an international benchmarking test, it's consistently on a low stake. Students can even give this test without preparing for it much, as this exam tests the students' understanding skills about how they catch up with the concepts. As a result, students also get a diagnostic report that speaks to their strong and weak areas. You can also find ASSET previous year question paper and international benchmarking in the Student MyBook, which helps overcome the confusion.


ASSET or Assessment of Scholastic Skills Through Educational Testing is a test designed specifically to test candidates' skills. In view of a survey test, this asset exam uses multiple choice questions and keeps in mind the curriculum's skills and concepts that the students will comprehend. The test, along with focusing on the weak areas, also focuses on every student's strong areas in the class.

This skill-based test measures the student's conceptual understanding of the student. Accordingly, benchmark the performance at the national and state level. Along with this, it will also provide asset exam results in 2022 that will be easy to understand.

This ASSET Olympiad conducts in subjects like Maths, Science, English and another core subject. Social studies and Hindi are optional subjects.

Based on CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and major state educational programs, this asset practice test is held uniquely in the schools that have enrolled for ASSET. It's up to the School to participate in the Winter Olympiad or the Summer Olympiad.

Eligibility for ASSET English Olympiad Exam

CBSE/ICSE/State Boards students of class 3 to 10 can participate in Asset English Olympiad exam.

ASSET English Olympiad Exam Fees

A charge of Rs 250 per student including 18% GST, towards the cost of the examination, is payable if you belong to a school in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan or Nepal.

Students are exempted from this fee, if you are suffering from any major physical disability or if your parent was martyred during defense operations. Besides this, the school will collect an amount up to Rs 25 per student towards compensation of in charge, remuneration to teachers to teach, guide using study material supplied by ASSET and other miscellaneous expenses.

How to Register for ASSET English Olympiad Exam

The Registration for Asset English Olympiad can be done either via the school or by applying directly on ASSET's official website.

ASSET conducts exam only in the registered centers. The student can write the exam in their school only if the school is participating in the olympiad. If not the organization will provide the details of the registered centers where the candidate has to write his/her exam.

Since ASSET English does not encourage and permit individual participation, a minimum of 10 students from every school should participate.

The registration sheet for the schools and the information booklet will be delivered to interested schools all over India.

It is the responsibility of the coordinating teachers of the schools to generate the roll numbers for students as per the given guidelines and instructions.

Finally, a copy of the roll numbers with every student’s registration and school registration sheet should be sent to the foundation office 30 days before the ASSET English exam date.

Benefits of ASSET English Olympiad Exam

ASSET English Olympiad Exam has following benefits:

  • The exam provides detailed customized- skill based feedback.
  • The exam benchmarks student’s performance against the peers, all over the country.
  • Through regular participation in various Olympiads every year, the students get used to competitive exams. This will helps them when they tackle real competitions after 12th.
  • ASSET provides feedback on real learning of students.
  • ASSET allows students to know about his/her performance
  • ASSET provides information about the strengths and weaknesses of a student.
  • ASSET gives schools the opportunity to know themselves and identify their areas of improvement.
  • ASSET helps and gives insights to the teachers about their student’s performance as compared to the national average or the other section of the school.
  • ASSET gives an assessment opportunity to the schools to take initiative for teacher training where it is required.

ASSET English Olympiad Exam Pattern

Type of Questions: MCQ’s (Multiple Choice Questions)

No. of Questions: 50-70.

Duration: 45 minutes to 70 minutes per paper.

ASSET English Olympiad Exam Syllabus

The exam is based on the Indian curriculum (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and major state boards)

By participating in ASSET English Olympiad exams, the students get early exposure to learning and competition.

ASSET English Olympiad is application based and it is totally different from school syllabus. It helps students to understand the concepts clearly.

It assesses your conceptual knowledge instead of rote learning. Therefore, it is not helpful to prepare for it at the last minute in order to get successful in the ASSET English Exam.

Get the best advice on topics or syllabus of the subject from your teachers, they can provide the best insights and guide you to achieve success in the ASSET English Exam.

Check sample papers and questions from the previous year’s exam, that will give an idea about the exam pattern exactly.

Prepare with the best online content available on the Internet and clear your doubts. This will help you to score more in the ASSET English Exam.

ASSET English Olympiad Exam Dates

ASSET Summer Round: (August)

ASSET Winter Round: (December)

ASSET English Olympiad Exam Result

ASSET English Olympiad Results will be available online. Students are requested to keep their ASSET English Admit Card 2022 handy as they are required to enter credentials like ASSET Permanent Account Number (PAN), mobile number, enrollment number, etc. to access their result.

Please click the link below for the result:

ASSET English Olympiad Results 2022

ASSET English Olympiad Exam Prize & Awards

ASSET tests are taken by thousands of students across the country, and excelling in these tests is a credible achievement. In order to recognise this achievement and instill the enthusiasm to achieve academic excellence, every student participating in ASSET is awarded a certificate.

Top-performing students are honored with awards to recognise their exceptional performance and motivate them to continue achieving better results.

  • Overall Top 1% Students - A Certificate of Outstanding Performance
  • Overall Next 5% Students - A Certificate of Distinguished Performance
  • Subject Topper for classes 3-10 - A Trophy and a Certificate
  • Overall Next 10% Students - A Certificate of Creditable Performance

ASSET English Olympiad Exams By Class

ASSET English Olympiad Exam is conducted for the following classes.

1. ASSET English Olympiad Exams for Class 3

By partaking in the ASSET English Olympiad Exams for Class 3, students will get help as these exams are as per the curriculum of CBSE & ICSE.

Even you can take help from the asset Olympiad sample papers and asset practice test by visiting the website that will help you in clearing the asset exam for class 3.

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2. ASSET English Olympiad Exams for Class 4

ASSET English exam is an international level exam that tests the student of class 4 English speaking, reading, and writing skills. There are several for examining class 4 students, including reading newspapers, magazines, or abstracts.

In this exam, the students of class 4 need to answer the question by the knowledge and principles they learn in class. This exam has 50 to 70 questions, and the time is 45 to 70 minutes.

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3. ASSET English Olympiad Exams for Class 5

The ASSET English Olympiad Exam is a test designed to determine how class 5 students apply the subject to other aspects of their lives. Further, ASSET employs several methods to examine students of class 5, including articles, research papers, study materials, and other reading materials that students encounter daily. The answers to these questions are presented below based on the students' theoretical knowledge in class 5.

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4. ASSET English Olympiad Exams for Class 6

ASSET is a test that assesses the abilities of class 6 students in English subjects. This Asset Olympiad exam for class 6 is conducted in MCQ forms and maintains the curriculum skills and topics in the mind of class 6 students that they will understand practically.

This test also focuses on the weak areas of class 6 students. This skill-based assessment test assesses the conceptual understanding of class 6 students in English.

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5. ASSET English Olympiad Exams for Class 7

Class 7 ASSET English Olympiad Exam is essential for the student to take part in as these exams are organized considering the CBSE and ICSE curriculum.

Students will find these asset previous year question papers and asset sample papers on the website to help them prepare for the Olympiad exams.

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6. ASSET English Olympiad Exams for Class 8

ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing) tests students' ability to apply the concepts they've learned in class. ASSET analyzes them by asking them to read newspaper articles, research papers, and other abstract reading materials. Students prepare for the ASSET Olympiad Exam by using concepts they learn in class to answer questions.

The syllabus of the Class 8 ASSET English Olympiad Exam has been formulated considering the ICSE & ICSE curriculum.

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7. ASSET English Olympiad Exams for Class 9

ASSET English Olympiad is an exam that tests the students of class 9 abilities. The exam carries out multiple choice questions and maintains the curriculum skills and the topics that the students of class 9 will understand.

Moreover, the Asset English Olympiad focuses on the student's weak and vital areas in class 9. This Olympiad exam is a skill base and assesses the class 9 students’ conceptual skills.

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8. ASSET English Olympiad Exams for Class 10

To take part in the ASSET English Olympiad Exams for Class 10 will give you the hard push to your class 10 studies no matter whether you are an ICSE student or the CBSE student. These exams are organized, considering the CBSE and ICSE curriculum.

Reading these asset previous year question papers and asset sample papers on this website will encourage them to clear the Olympiad exams with more dedication.

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