SilverZone Foundation Olympiad exam for Class 1

The CBSE and ICSE syllabus does not differ from the Class 1 SilverZone Foundation Olympiad Exams level and the examination body.

About SilverZone Foundation

SilverZone foundation is an NGO that focuses on promoting competitive awareness among the students at school, national and global levels. SilverZone foundation conducts Olympiad exams that will improve the norm of proficiency among younger students. Along with this, it also urges the young talents to boost up their knowledge.

SilverZone foundation takes the Olympiad exam from class 1st to 12th, and the student's performance is recognized depending on the levels. Those students who get qualified for the level 1 exam will be eligible to give the Level 2 exam. The students who score the first rank in the Level 2 exam will get the opportunity to go for the Level 3 exam. All the outstanding students will get recognition in different forms like medals, trophies, and certificates.

SilverZone Foundation Olympiad Exam Prize & Awards

Great awards and prizes for the school toppers.