TERI GREEN Olympiad exam for Class 7

The green Olympiad exam is led and, for the most part, followed by the CBSE educational program.

This site comprises Teri Olympiad study material that will undoubtedly help the students get ready for their Teri green Olympiad tests.

Education is responsible for improving and making students' fundamental knowledge base. The TERI Green Olympiad helps students increase their knowledge quotients (KQ) and intelligence quotients (IQ), so they can improve and level up.

About TERI Green Olympiad Exam

TERI Green Olympiad is a competitive writing test held annually by The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI). A major goal of TERI's Green Olympiad is to improve the conservation and development of our planet through sustainable practices.

Students from all over the world are eligible to participate in the Green Olympiad. Through the Green Olympiad, students learn about environmental issues that are relevant to them daily and need to be addressed.

Duration of the Green Olympiad exam

Generally, the TERI Green Class 7 Olympiad exam lasts one hour and can be performed from 1000 to 1800 hours. English is the language of the exam.

TERI Green Olympiad Class 7 2022 Results

The TERI Olympiad exam has its results announced on its official website. You must provide your TERI Green Olympiad login ID to access your Olympiad results. According to recent reports, TERI will give an update on its TERI Green Olympiad results in February 2022.

As part of the TERI Green Olympiad results 2022, information such as name, class, school name, roll number/reference number, marks obtained, and qualifying status will be included.


GO4Youth is basically an online examination that consists of varied MCQs to test out the student's knowledge as well as aptitude regarding the environment. Under this examination, many topics are covered related to water, energy, air, agriculture, waste, climate change, sustainable development, and biodiversity. Apart from these, questions that access the student's personal choice and behavior are included in the exam.

The TERI Green Olympiad has begun with a vision-related to sustainable development, and it centers on taking extreme care of the planet. The primary purpose of integrated education is to provide the proper skills, values, and knowledge needed to achieve sustainable development.

In Environment, the Green Olympiad finds a spot in the educational system. Most of the children are generally aware of the natural issues that are occurring in the environment. These issues need to be addressed, along with everyday activities. Whatever information students will gain after participating in the Olympiad can easily be converted into environment improvement activities at the school level.

This project has been extended across all the states, regions of India, and abroad countries. During 2015, an estimated 2 00,000 students from over 2000+ schools took an interest in the project.

Each project has an immense capability of its social acknowledgment, as it is direct speculation made towards the development of schooling establishment through atmosphere welcoming philosophies. The TERI Green Olympiad project has earned a spot for itself in the academic timetable of the schools. Through youth consideration, an extraordinary model is being made through this task to achieve awareness of the ecological issues at the network level.