IGKO Olympiad Exam - Syllabus, Practice Papers & Results

About IGKO Olympiad Exams

There is no denying that General knowledge accompanies Crystalized intelligence. This subject encourages the students to build up their overall knowledge and experience different things related to the world. It is also said that a person who is skilled in a particular area is also skilled in other areas.

Just because General knowledge helps us grow at a personal and educational level, it also slender down our sense of knowing more about the world. It helps understand and analyze the situations much better in contrast to the one with no knowledge.

Also, the General Knowledge Olympiad program focuses more on young learners. General knowledge covers a wide range of things in itself, and it provides detailed knowledge regarding the subject.

It is even defined as a "culturally valued knowledge" in various psychology that is regularly imparted by non-expert media, and it comprises a broad subject range.

When we discuss IGKO, IGKO or International General Olympiad exam is an extraordinary exam that helps the students know the importance of current happenings across India and the World. Apart from the recent happenings, this Olympiad will focus on getting knowledge about geography, science, etc., and GK is of great importance that helps students' general awareness.

For the most part, the General Knowledge Olympiad Exams is conducted for class 1 to 10 students studying in Indian schools.

Various schools conduct this Olympiad exam. You can't be able to appear in this exam if your school has no enlistment in it.

You will find the latest updates at the official site, i.e., http://www.sofworld.org/igko

How to get good Rank in International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

IGKO Olympiad exams generally analyze the students' knowledge, and the IGKO questions that come are different from the questions that students learn in school. In IGKO, the questions are a little conceptual as well as tricky.

To gain a good hold in the IGKO Olympiad exam, students need first to understand the exam pattern and then analyze and prepare for the IGKO Olympiad independently.

If you are looking for a reliable tool that gives you a diagnosis of the Olympiad exam, https://www.practice-olympiad.com is the ideal spot. This site provides an in-depth practice platform that helps the students in preparing for their different Olympiad examinations.

About Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

Science Olympiad Foundation conducts the Olympiad exam in different subjects like Science, Mathematics, Computer and General Knowledge. This foundation is generally a Not-for-profit organization. It is one of the most appreciated organizations and provides a high education level through their sample paper. The SOF cycle helps the students to enhance their skills, talents in various fields.

The Olympiad led by the Science Olympiad Foundation allows the students to improve their performance. All the SOF activities help the students test their insight at a specific level, and through SOF, students draw out the change in their way to deal with subjects to make them more interactive and practical.

Eligibility for IGKO Olympiad Exam

CBSE/ICSE and State board students from Class 1 to 10 are eligible for IGKO Olympiad Exams.

IGKO Olympiad Exam Fees

A charge of Rs 125* (including 18% GST) towards cost of examination is payable by each participating student for Schools in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal, except a student suffering from any major physical disability or an Indian student whose parent was martyred during defence operations. Further the school may collect an amount upto Rs 25** per student towards honorarium of incharge, remuneration to teachers to teach, guide using study material supplied by SOF and other miscellaneous expenses.

How to Register for IGKO Olympiad Exam

The SOF IGKO is open to the students of classes 1 to 10. Prospectus containing the Registration forms are sent to all schools registered with SOF. Schools not registered may also request for prospectus by sending an e-mail at info@sofworld.org/ phone call. Schools must return the registration forms to SOF, duly filled in and complete in all respects by the due date.

Roll Numbers: The school's coordinating teacher will generate the students' Roll Numbers as per the guidelines given. A copy of these roll numbers along with the Students' Registration Sheet (SRS) and School Registration Form (SRF) should be sent to the Foundation's office before the due date of submission of forms.

Foundation will register the applicant school and the students and dispatch question papers and guidelines for conducting the examination. Principals / teachers may please note that any school can be registered as a center for SOF IGKO. No fee is required from the institution to become a registered examination centre. A minimum of 10 students need to be registered from each school for feasibility reasons.

Students should register through their respective schools only. Individual registrations by students are not accepted.

Benefits of IGKO Olympiad Exam

  • Promotes general awareness.
  • Students come to know that General Knowledge comprises of all other subjects also and is equally important.
  • Helps students to keep in mind the current affairs going on in India and all over around the world.

IGKO Olympiad Exam Pattern

The SOF IGKO is an objective-type test of 60 minutes duration comprising 35 objective-type (Multiple Choice) questions for class 1 to class 4 and 50 objective-type (Multiple Choice) questions for class 5 to class 10.The exam is conducted during school hours.

  • Paper based, multiple-choice (MCQ) exam conducted in colobaration with school
  • Exam is conducted for class 1 to 10
  • The medium of the test is English
  • This is open to all students studing in participating school.

IGKO Olympiad Exam Syllabus

The IGKO Exams judge you based on the following sections

  • Section-1: General Awareness
  • Section-2: Current Affairs
  • Section-3: Like Skills
  • Section-4: Achievers Section

IGKO Olympiad Exam Dates

The SOF IGKO is conducted on two dates. Each school may select a date for conducting the SOF IGKO as per its convenience. Each date of exam has a separate question paper. SOF IGKO is a single level exam.

IGKO Olympiad Exam Result

IGKO Result 2022 has been declared on 1 November 2022. Students who have appeared in IGKO exam which was conducted on 6 September and 26 September 2022 can check their IGKO Result here. Within 2 weeks of the IGKO exam, the results have been sent to the schools concerned and the same is available on the website. The link to check IGKO Result 2022 is available. Participants of IGKO is ranked on the basis of on marks obtained by them in the IGKO exam 2022. 

IGKO, International General Knowledge Olympiad, is a GK Olympiad conducted by SOF to judge the general knowledge and awareness of the candidates. Every year SOF conducts 6 Olympiads and IGKO is one of them. Get more details about the IGKO Result 2022. 

IGKO Result 2022 has been declared on 1 November 2022 by SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation). The candidates who appeared in the exam can check the result on this page by following the link below. The rank of the candidates will be determined based on their marks obtained in the exam. To check the IGKO Result, the candidates have to select the SOF IGKO by using the link http://results.sofworld.org/results and enter their roll number.

View your Results: http://results.sofworld.org/results

IGKO Olympiad Exam Prize & Awards

1stRs.50,000/- Each + Gold Medal*#+ Certificate of Outstanding Performance10
2ndRs.25,000/- Each + Silver Medal*#+ Certificate of Outstanding Performance10
3rdRs.10,000/- Each + Bronze Medal*#+ Certificate of Outstanding Performance10
1stGifts worth Rs 1000/- Each + Gold Medal* + Certificate of Zonal Excellence.260
2ndGifts worth Rs 1000/- Each + Silver Medal* + Certificate of Zonal Excellence.260
3rdGifts worth Rs 1000/- Each + Bronze Medal* + Certificate of Zonal Excellence.260
4th to 10thGifts worth Rs 500/- Each + *Medal of Distinction + *Certificate of Distinction + **Certificate of Zonal Excellence1820
11th to 25th     **Certificate of Zonal Excellence + *Medal of Distinction + *Certificate of Distinction3900
Rank 26+Participation CertificateAll

IGKO Olympiad Exams By Class

IGKO Olympiad Exam is conducted for the following classes.

1. IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 1

Prospectus for the IGKO Olympiad relies upon the CBSE and ICSE design.

Students can practice for their IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 1 with SOF Olympiad IGKO sample papers. You will find the resource on this site to prepare for the exam.

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2. IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 2

The CBSE instructive program generally trails IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 2.

This site contains IGKO Olympiad sample papers that will, without a doubt, support the student with preparing for their IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 2.

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3. IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 3

In the IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 3, the CBSE design and the ICSE educational system have been checked.

Students can rely upon the IGKO previous year's question papers by visiting the site to study for the IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 3.

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4. IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 4

While putting together the IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 4, both the CBSE and ICSE design is considered.

Students can, without any hassle, set themselves up for the IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 4 by analyzing and studying the IGKO Olympiad sample papers.

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5. IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 5

In IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 5, CBSE along with ICSC configuration is considered.

Students will have the option to prepare for their IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 5 by focusing on the SOF IGKO sample papers.

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6. IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 6

IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 6 focuses more on the ICSE and CBSE curriculum.

Online Sample Paper & practice questions for IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 6 on this website will help you prepare for the exam.

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7. IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 7

IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 7 are formulated after noting down the ICSE and CBSE's paper pattern.

Applying students can go through the IGKO sample papers and IGKO syllabus to prepare for the Olympiad exams.

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8. IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 8

The main motive of IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 8 is to consider the ICSE and CBSE pattern.

You can also take references from the online sample and their given practice question to prepare for IGKO Olympiad exams that you will find on this website.

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9. IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 9

IGKO organizes Olympiad exams for class 9 after acknowledging the paper pattern of the ICSE and CBSE board.

Indeed, you can take help from the sample papers and their given practice questions given on the website. This will help them in improving their skills and passing the exams more efficiently.

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10. IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 10

By giving the IGKO Olympiad Exams for Class 10 will help, you in enhancing your knowledge no matter you are from CBSE and ICSE board as these exams are organized after considering the CBSE and ICSE curriculum.

To be successful in the exam, you can consider the online sample paper and some of the essential questions on the website.

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