English Olympiad Questions for Class 12

Among the most popular exams held by the science Olympiad foundation is the English Olympiad for Class 12. The purpose of this exam is to improve student's English proficiency. The Olympiad exam is designed to help class 12 students improve their practical English skills and deal with practical English learning.

What is the best way for students in Class 12 to prepare for the English Olympiad?

Students of class 12 can easily prepare for the English Olympiad for Class 12 by accessing several online platforms where sample questions, mock tests, and PDF files are readily available. Also, students of class 12 can track their performance by solving these tests.

In what subject area does the English Olympiad for Class 12 take place?

During the English Olympiads, Class 12 students must answer questions from three different sections. In the first section, there are 20 questions; in the second section, there are 12 questions; and in the third section, there are eight questions. Class 12 students will have 60 minutes to answer the 40 questions.

The first section

Class 12 students will learn about word structures and meanings from this book's questions. This section covers adjectives, perfect tense, word order, phrasal, idioms, spelling, homonyms and homophones, word order, conjunctions, direct and indirect words, etc.

The second section

In this section, you will find information about reading in the text, such as news, advertisements, and brochures. Students in class 12 must understand the data before answering the multiple choice questions.

The third section

During this course, students' ability to understand a situation is tested through written and spoken expression.

Free Sample Questions for

Question 1

A style manual says "do not capitalize 'the' in the middle of a sentence."Which choice violates this rule?
A. I plan to attend The Ohio State University.
B. We're taking a trip to the United Kingdom.
C. The British Isles are a group of islands.
D. I want to visit the Walt Disney World Resort.

Question 2

is the refusal to accept reality.
A. Dissociation
B. Regression
C. Repression
D. Denial

Question 3

Use a hyphen between a prefix and a capitalized word.Which choice correctly uses this rule?
A. We live in a post-baby era.
B. Many people who burn the flag are anti-American.
C. We took steps to start pre-planning for retirement.
D. I am pro Canadian.

Question 4

Macro and micro are opposites. Macro means and micro means .
A. small; large
B. earth; space
C. large; small
D. over; under

Question 5

The following sentence correctly uses hyphens.The five-year-old girl was excited to start kindergarten.
A. True
B. False

Question 6

Does not burn easily
A. ballistics
B. odious
C. pulverized
D. noncombustible

Question 7

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration." - DuneIn the quote above, the author demonstrates which rule about hyphens?
A. Use a hyphen with specific prefixes and suffixes
B. Write out compound numbers
C. Join two or more words serving as a single descriptive word
D. Avoid confusion or awkward combinations of letters

Question 8

Use hyphens in compound adjectives with comparatives or superlatives.Which choice correctly uses this rule?
A. They were a low-income family.
B. They were a family with a lower-income.
C. It was a lower-stress job.
D. The baby needed smaller-clothes.

Question 9

Use a hyphen in compound adjectives with numbers when the number comes first.Which choice correctly uses this rule?
A. Students will learn how to multiply in year-3 of their schooling.
B. She is going into her third-year of school.
C. I am going to college to study to be a first-grade teacher.
D. When I graduate, I want to teach first-grade.

Question 10

Use a in compound numbers from twenty-one to ninety- nine.
A. dash
B. hyphen
C. comma
D. colon