English Olympiad Questions for Class 12

Among the most popular exams held by the science Olympiad foundation is the English Olympiad for Class 12. The purpose of this exam is to improve student's English proficiency. The Olympiad exam is designed to help class 12 students improve their practical English skills and deal with practical English learning.

What is the best way for students in Class 12 to prepare for the English Olympiad?

Students of class 12 can easily prepare for the English Olympiad for Class 12 by accessing several online platforms where sample questions, mock tests, and PDF files are readily available. Also, students of class 12 can track their performance by solving these tests.

In what subject area does the English Olympiad for Class 12 take place?

During the English Olympiads, Class 12 students must answer questions from three different sections. In the first section, there are 20 questions; in the second section, there are 12 questions; and in the third section, there are eight questions. Class 12 students will have 60 minutes to answer the 40 questions.

The first section

Class 12 students will learn about word structures and meanings from this book's questions. This section covers adjectives, perfect tense, word order, phrasal, idioms, spelling, homonyms and homophones, word order, conjunctions, direct and indirect words, etc.

The second section

In this section, you will find information about reading in the text, such as news, advertisements, and brochures. Students in class 12 must understand the data before answering the multiple choice questions.

The third section

During this course, students' ability to understand a situation is tested through written and spoken expression.

Free Sample Questions for

Question 1

Use a hyphen between a prefix and a capitalized word.Which choice correctly uses this rule?
A. We live in a post-baby era.
B. Many people who burn the flag are anti-American.
C. We took steps to start pre-planning for retirement.
D. I am pro Canadian.

Question 2

Active or Passive Voice?I will introduce you to my boss this week.
A. Active
B. Passive

Question 3

Revive is to bring something back to life.
A. True
B. False

Question 4

Completely confused or disordered.
A. adept
B. chaotic
C. subside
D. opulent

Question 5

Which rule for using hyphens does the following sentence demonstrate?An individual who is self-motivated sets goals and usually reaches them.
A. Use hyphens with select prefixes.
B. Use hyphens with compound expressions.
C. Use hyphens with a nouns and past participles.
D. Use hyphens with a noun and present participle.

Question 6

All the choices below are synonyms for "portentous", except:
A. foreshadowing
B. unprophetic
C. threat
D. presage

Question 7

Causing mental or physical pain
A. frangible
B. zealous
C. replete
D. wrenching

Question 8

PERNICIOUS most nearly means
A. ambitious
B. harmful
C. pernoctate
D. suspicious

Question 9

A. scrupulos : care
B. gluttonous : food
C. ferocious : tiger
D. gregarious : words

Question 10

Something which teaches you a lesson:
A. sanctuary
B. salutary
C. sanitary
D. salivary