English Olympiad Questions for Class 11

The English Olympiad Exam will include a question related to the English language of people. Thousands of students from different countries try to participate in the Olympiad exams Class 11. It is a cut-throat competition, which is why there is no surprise that students have to put in so much effort to get success in the exam.

Students who want to participate in the Olympiad exam must solve sample papers to prepare for the exams.

Why should children appear in English Olympiad class 11?

If a student appears for the English Olympiad, then that will give them several benefits:

  • It helps develop their English skills, which is essential in this competitive world.
  • Improve the confidence in students
  • Get several different opportunities

How does the Olympiad sample paper of class 11 help the student?

If the student solves the Olympiad sample paper, then that will offer you a series of benefits, and some of them are:

  • Practicing will enhance their performance and sharpen their skills
  • Score higher
  • Prepare for the paper accordingly

With the question paper, the student will know about the pattern, which will also make them confident about themselves, and it will even help the student score higher.

Free Sample Questions for

Question 1

Represent truthfully and in detail.
A. Chronic
B. Adhere
C. Advent
D. Idea

Question 2

Choose the best word to complete the analogy.Resign : Director :: Abdicate :
A. Ruler
B. Referee
C. Athlete
D. Quit

Question 3

As it is used in line 6, the word "bugs" most nearly means:
A. another word for insect
B. a word for a specific class of insects
C. another term for ladybug
D. a word representing the insect class as a whole

Question 4

He had a desire to see her again.
A. plausible
B. repudiate
C. objective
D. fervent

Question 5

After my parents scolded me, I SULLENLY climbed the stairs to my room.
A. stomping
B. screamin
C. resentlfully
D. loudly

Question 6

Choose the correctly punctuated word to fit in the blank.I knew what model car it was, but I wasn't sure about color.
A. its
B. it's

Question 7

The boy was both in complexion and in temperament.
A. acquiescent
B. curtailed
C. enshroud
D. sanguine

Question 8

Dic, Dict
A. Write
B. Touch
C. Rule
D. Speak

Question 9

A. cowardly
B. tilted
C. shaky
D. determined

Question 10

A. deceiving
B. destroying
C. going insane