English Olympiad Questions for Class 1

English Olympiad is the one that allows the students to build up their reading skills. Students will be taught to make phrases using consonants and vowels, and even the meaning of every word will be introduced to them. Other concepts are also covered in the English Olympiad for class 1 previous year question papers like Nouns, Actions, Articles, Prepositions, etc. Through the help of this, students will be able to test up their logical reasoning skills. These English Olympiads for class 1 sample papers will surely give an insight into the type of questions to come in the examination.

Specially designed by the professionals, these IEO sample papers for class 1 help students test their knowledge.

Benefits of English Olympiad Questions for Class 1

  1. These English Olympiads for class 1 will help the student to instill their stellar communication skills.
  2. Helps in benchmark their English to global standards.
  3. A Student can improve their knowledge by gaining more skills.

You can also download the English Olympiad for class 1 sample papers pdf and refer to these previous years' question papers & quiz for preparing for the exam.

Syllabus for English Olympiad Exams

These are the chapters covered in most of the English Olympiad Exams.

Jumbled Letters, Identify the Word from the Picture

Several letters in English form the word once combined. If we combine the word in the right order, then it gives you an appropriate meaning.

Sometimes, the written word is jumbled, which you need to arrange in the right order to make the word meaningful. Jumble letters are more like a word puzzle that every class one student should learn to solve.

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Words and their Meanings

There are 26 letters between A to Z that can be used in several combinations to form words. All the words give out different meanings, and they can also be used to identify the objects in place.

Therefore, understanding each word and its meaning is very important for every class one student. Here, we will discuss words along with their meanings.

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Words and their Opposites

There are several alphabets in English that you use to form a sentence or word in your daily life. Apart from words and its exact meaning, every class 1 kid should also understand the words, and it’s opposite meanings.

This is because both concepts are equally important to be understood by each child. Let us discuss in detail the word and its opposite meaning.

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Feminine and Masculine, One and Many

Every class 1 kid needs to understand the concept of one and many, feminine, and masculine. One and many indicate the number of things is being addressed.

However, a feminine and Masculine defines the male and female character.

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Word Pairs and Odd One Out

Understanding the pairing of words and determining the odd one out from the group of text or objects is very important for every class 1 kid since the basic concept can enhance the child's thinking ability.

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Animals : Their Babies, Sounds and Groups

Babies are always cute; animal babies are no exception. But do you know that each animal baby is known by a different name? The names given to animal babies in English are quite impressive. However, understanding animals' babies' names is important at the same time for each class 1 student.

Thus, the table below shows Animals, their babies, sounds, and their groups.

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Students usually listen to several words in their day-to-day routine: While Nouns like the place's name, person, or thing. Isn't it easy to identify the noun and understand its meaning?

The noun is one of the basic concepts that every class one student should comprehend.

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Pronouns and nouns are both similar, but repeated nouns can make the sentence irrelevant in some of the sentences.

In short, the pronoun is a word that can replace the repetitive use of nouns. Every class 1 student should understand the correct use of pronouns as even a single mistake can make the sentence irrelevant.

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Verbs are words that express actions, events, or states. Thus, verbs are needed to form the entire sentence or question.

In a sentence, the verb serves as the main predicate component, which is the part of the sentence that expresses what the subject (person or thing) is or does.

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An Article is a word that is explicitly used to refine a noun. For example, it is used in place, person, object etc. Thus, if you see, the article is considered an adjective. So, it is a word that modifies the noun.

In general, the adjective tends to modify the noun via description. However, Articles are used to point out the noun.

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A preposition is a word that specifically expresses the relationship between a word in a sentence and the word that is the subject of the preposition.

You have learned that adjectives represent the one, how much, number, and several nouns or pronouns. You have learned that adverbs are about verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, including place, time, manner, and degree.

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Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjectives and Adverbs are both used in English to make the sentence a meaningful one.

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Comprehension (Prose and Poetry)

Comprehension means getting a full understanding of something. In contrast, passages play a great role in understanding Comprehension. It is the art of knowledge of what you have read in the given piece of writing.

Once you read the passage, you can replicate the same passage in your own words. Thus, reading comprehension builds the framework for high-level reasoning in several subject areas. Comprehension writing is an added part of this approach.

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Spoken and Written Expression; Punctuation

There's no doubt, Words and Expressions play a great role in communicating our emotions, love, feeling or care. However, we can express these emotions in two ways only.

It can be a Spoken expression or a written form of expression. Both expressions are energetically used to convey the messages.

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Free Sample Questions for

Question 1

What type of sentence is this?Janie went to the park.
A. imperative
B. declarative
C. interrogative
D. exclamatory

Question 2

Choose the best punctuation mark for the sentence.Ahhhh, I am afraid of the dark
A. ?
B. .
C. !

Question 3

Choose the best word to fill in the blank.I didn't make my bed correctly. Mom said I had to it.
A. redo
B. repaint
C. recycle

Question 4

Which word is a noun?
A. Fast
B. Bird
C. Slow
D. Sloppy

Question 5

Which one of these sentences is an exclamatory sentence?
A. Joe is a good student.
B. What time is it in China?
C. I'm lost!
D. Keep your voice down.

Question 6

Find the preposition. They went inside when it started raining.
A. inside
B. they
C. it

Question 7

Choose the correct sentence.
A. Natalie enjoyed the game yesterday.
B. Natalie will enjoy the game yesterday.
C. Natalie enjoys the game yesterday.

Question 8

Which word correctly completes the sentence?The baby has to sleep.
A. went
B. gone
C. go

Question 9

Choose the sentence that is written correctly.
A. It was rainy, windy today.
B. It was rainy, and windy today.
C. It was rainy and windy today.

Question 10

Which words are adjectives?
A. hot, sweet, soft
B. house, dog, boat
C. Sam, Kate, Mike
D. jump, skip, yell