English Olympiad Questions for Class 4

English Olympiad is the Olympiad that intends to improve the student's English language skills that include, Grammar, Spellings, Sentence structure and so on. After preparing for English Olympiad, the student will be able to get prior knowledge of English subject. The student will get to know various things in English like Antonyms, Synonyms, Contractions, Conjunctions, Sentence formation, Punctuation etc. that will help the student not only in the exam but also in practical life.

Giving English Olympiad level 2 sample papers for class 4 are very good for the students to appear in the Olympiad exams. In case your exams are around the corner, you can pick free sample papers for class 4 English Olympiad free download, and these exams benefit the students in one or the other way. Let's read the same.

Benefits of English Olympiad Questions for Class 4

  1. These IEO question papers for class 4 will help the students in learning as well as improving themselves.
  2. The students will be able to enhance their skills that will be good for their future.
  3. After preparing for English Olympiad for Class 4, students will be able to show their talent at the national and international level.

Here, you will also get IEO class 4 previous year papers and these exams will help each student in speeding up their growth.

Syllabus for English Olympiad Exams

These are the chapters covered in most of the English Olympiad Exams.


What do you mean by vocabulary? And how does vocabulary help? The word vocabulary means the words that you can use in the language, relation, group, and individual.

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The words that give the same meaning as the word are called synonyms. It means that one can use the word in place of each other.

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What do you mean by antonyms? And what are the different words which are used most commonly?

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Nouns and Pronouns

What are nouns and pronouns? And how can one define the different types of nouns? The noun is a name of a place, person, animal, emotion, or thing. And pronoun is the one that one can use in the place of a noun.

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What is a verb? And how you can use the verbs in the sentences. The verb is a term used to express some feeling, action, & many more.

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Adverbs and Adjectives

The word that implies modifying the meaning of an adjective or the verb is called an adverb.

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Articles and Prepositions

Articles are the words a, an & the. These articles will help to know about the things, I.e., whether the things are specific or unspecific.

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Conjunctions and Contractions

Conjunctions refer to a word that helps connect the clauses, words, and sentences. It is also known as a 'linker.'

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The term 'tenses' refers to the form that helps determine a verb with a particular time. It is used to get to know about the time.

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Jumbled Words and Idioms/ Proverbs

The words we have to arrange in a sequence are called jumbled words. Many words are disarranged in a sequence, and we have to solve them.

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Comprehension is the unseen passages that include a set story. And you have to read the whole passage and give the questions and answers from the section below.

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Spoken and Written Expression; Punctuation

The word ‘punctuation’ refers to the marks in the sentences. With the help of punctuation, the sentences can become more attractive. These common punctuations are used to do the separation of sentences.

Some common punctuations are commas , brackets ( ) full stops .

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Free Sample Questions for

Question 1

What type of sentence is this?Put that dangerous piece of ice on the ground.
A. interrogative
B. declarative
C. imperative
D. exclamatory

Question 2

The dog ate the bag of food because it was left open on the floor.The dog ate the food is the INDEPENDENT clause.
A. True
B. False

Question 3

The prefix "un" means.
A. again
B. not
C. before
D. too much

Question 4

Choose the best word to use to replace the word in ALL CAPS and fix the double negative.Dad didn't do NOTHING to help with my project.
A. none
B. something
C. anything
D. no

Question 5

The sentence, "You can leave the car here tonight" is an example of what type of sentence?
A. compound
B. compound-complex
C. complex
D. simple

Question 6

Complete the sentence with the choice that represents the present progressive tense.When I , I like to eat cookies.
A. study
B. am studying
C. was studying
D. is studying

Question 7

What is the prefix in disassociate?
A. ate
B. dis
C. sociate
D. as

Question 8

When something doesn't make sense, you say it's nonsense. So the prefix non- most likely means
A. lots of.
B. not.
C. full of.
D. one who.

Question 9

What is missing from the following sentence? Juan said Can we go home
A. quotation marks and a question mark
B. quotation marks and a period
C. comma, quotation marks, and a question mark

Question 10

The Latin roots "script, scrib" mean to write. What does scribble mean?
A. write, engrave, or print something on or in
B. handwriting
C. what a doctor writes to order medicine
D. write without being careful