English Olympiad Questions for Class 7

Olympiad exams are a great tool to sharpen students' skills in every field. Over thousands of students participate in the Olympiad exam, which eventually has created an excellent reputation.

Out of these Olympiad exams, the international English Olympiad is quite common and favorable among students. It helps them speak English confidently, improve their grammar, analyze minor and major mistakes, structure formation, etc.

There is no surprise that today's competition is very high and to make your child stand out you can make them sit in the English Olympiad. Besides, you can take help from English Olympiad Questions for class 7 to get your child to prepare for the exam.

Solving papers will let them know about their progress. They can analyze the area where improvement is needed; it will give them a brief idea about how the exam is conducted.

Benefits of English Olympiad Questions for Class 7

If your child is in class 7, it is the earliest stage to give them direction and prepare for the future. So your child will receive several advantages when solving the English Olympiad exam.

  1. Sharpen their skills

    Like any other subject, English also requires much practice. The students can use the English Olympiad sample papers to practice English at intermediate and complex levels, and it will give them an idea about each section so that the child is thoroughly planned before appearing for the exam.

  2. Improves academic results

    English is the main subject, and errors in it are not acceptable. So if your child starts solving English Olympiad papers, they can go through the strengths and weaknesses in this subject and improve their weak points.

Syllabus for English Olympiad Exams

These are the chapters covered in most of the English Olympiad Exams.


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Collocations and Words related to Travel

What do you say when you travel? Have you ever dreamed of visiting a destination? Are you about to hit the road and explore one? Let's analyze some common travel colloquialisms.

First, let's explore different ways of traveling. There are many ways to travel, including sea, rail, land, and air.

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Homonyms and Homophones

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Analogies and Spellings

Analogies and spellings - a class 7 student, must be familiar with it. When a class 7 student writes a word, there are two things to be aware of: spelling and analog (relation between two words).

Class 7 students need to learn about these terms briefly to get an idea about the importance of these terms and how it helps in building a proper sentence.

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One word substitution; Idioms and Proverbs

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Word order

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Nouns and Pronouns

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Verbs and Phrasal verbs

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Adverbs and Adjectives

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Articles and Prepositions

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Tenses and Conjunctions

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Voices and Narration

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Sentences and Sentence Sequencing

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Free Sample Questions for

Question 1

Complete this analogy:Greediness is to generous as happiness is to
A. joyful
B. laziness
C. despair
D. excitement

Question 2

Indicate the correct spelling.
A. hurican
B. hurrican
C. huricain
D. hurricane

Question 3

A. to remove ones name
B. to take someones freedom
C. rays from the center
D. to remove from ones property

Question 4

Choose the antecedent for the pronoun in each of the following sentences.1. Mary did her report on George Catlin's paintings of the dances of the Plains Indians.2. George Catlin wrote his observations of the buffalo-calling dance.3. Dancers in buffalo costumes danced for days until they spotted a herd of buffalo.4. The Plains Indians were models of conservation and lived in harmony with their environment.
A. Mary; George Catlin; they; Models
B. her; his; buffalo; Indians
C. George Catlin; his; buffalo; conservation
D. Mary; George Catlin; Dancers; Indians

Question 5

Choose the correct spelling.
A. pappyrus
B. pappirus
C. papirus
D. papyrus

Question 6

Contortion : Acrobat :: Plie :
A. Ballerina
B. Dance
C. Circus
D. Swimmer

Question 7

Which is the correct spelling?
A. Emagine
B. Imajine
C. Imagin
D. Imagine

Question 8

A. Evil, Bad
B. Next to, Near

Question 9

We could travel no since we were tired.
A. farther
B. further

Question 10

My dance teacher are a very good dancer. She knows how to dance hip hop and ballet. The word "are" should be changed to:
A. were
B. will be
C. is
D. no change