English Olympiad Questions for Class 6

The International English Olympiad is the most popular Olympiad conducted by SOF. They also offer IEO Sample Papers for Class 6 to help the children prepare for the English Olympiad. These samples help you analyze the questions you will get in the test and the format and level of questions.

The English Olympiad Class 6 helps the student revise the report and analyze the questions provided. It can turn out to be quite helpful in preparing for the Olympiad. You can also download the PDF of sample questions online.

However, remember that the number of questions and the marking is quite different from the actual exam.

How can you prepare for the English Olympiad test?

The English Olympiad test comprises two stages; only the top 5% is moved to the second level. Preparing for the English Olympiad will help you get better results in level one. Follow some tips that will help you crack level one of IEO.

  • Get familiar with the syllabus of IEO

    Identify the topics that you get to receive from the IEO. Go through the syllabus, and 70% of the question arrives from the previous class.

  • Start preparing well in advance

    Most students start preparing for the IEO level one quite early. In this way, they get to understand the pattern of the Olympiad.

  • Identify the study material and resources

    Get the study material. Don't waste time searching for study material at the last moment. Keep it ready earlier and start preparing for it.

  • Continuous efforts

    To come to the list of the top 5%, you need to prepare well for the exam, which requires continuous effort, hard work, and patience. Keep going, and you will start seeing results.

Syllabus for English Olympiad Exams

These are the chapters covered in most of the English Olympiad Exams.


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Punctuation and Jumbled Words

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Phrasal verbs

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Synonyms are words or phrases that mean the same thing or nearly the same thing as one another. A synonym is the opposite of an antonym since synonyms share the same meaning.

Therefore, they can be interchanged in any sentence (theoretically, but more about that later) without affecting its meaning.

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Free Sample Questions for

Question 1

In the following sentence, what part of speech is the CAPITALIZED word?I played the awesome and exciting video game LOUDLY in my room.
A. noun
B. adjective
C. conjunction
D. adverb

Question 2

Antitoxins are bad for you.
A. True
B. False

Question 3

Select the correct tense.The Communist Party no longer rules in Russia.
A. simple present
B. simple past
C. simple future

Question 4

Choose the best word to fill in the blank.Does need water?
A. cats
B. the cat

Question 5

Is the word in capital letters a noun or an adjective?Many people are scared of bats, but bats do a great deal of GOOD.
A. noun
B. adjective

Question 6

What is the denotation of "denotation"?
A. something suggested by a word or thing
B. the meaning of a word or phrase
C. a quality, feeling, or attitude expressed by the words that someone uses in speaking or writing
D. overall feeling, emotion or effect created in the reading

Question 7

Based on your knowledge of the prefix over-, overconfident means:
A. too much confidence
B. not enough confidence
C. to state the opposite

Question 8

Select the complete predicate. Noah and his friends sang loudly.
A. sang loudly
B. Noah
C. and his friends sang loudly
D. and his friends

Question 9

What type of pronoun is the CAPITALIZED word?WE know about many great warriors.
A. subject pronoun
B. object pronoun

Question 10

Match the pronoun to its antecedent.The Indian people loved Gandhi and called Mahatma, which means "great soul".
A. her
B. him
C. it