Science Olympiad Questions for Class 1

Science Olympiad exam is taken on an International level that help the young students to develop their mind. The Science Olympiad Foundation conducts the science Olympiad exam. By practicing through NSO sample papers for class 1, students will be able to boost their knowledge and know about the different elements around us.

These Questions play a crucial role in Student's life. Apart from this, students will benefit from quick solutions available in the Science Olympiad previous year question papers for class 1. It gives them the confidence to help up their insight and learn different things about science. You can also download Science Olympiad questions for class 1 pdf right through this site. As, this site has been intended to give the best study material to the groundwork for Class 1 students getting ready for Science Olympiads.

Benefits of Science Olympiad Questions for Class 1

  1. Preparing for Science Olympiad questions gives them an insight into the upcoming exam.
  2. These questions will boost students' skills and let them be prepared for both the national and international levels.
  3. These resources will help the student to clear up their concept and value of new skills.

These resources will surely help the students with scoring better in their upcoming Olympiad exams.

Syllabus for Science Olympiad Exams

These are the chapters covered in most of the Science Olympiad Exams.

Living and Non-living Things

There are a wide variety of things around us. Everything we see is different from one another. Car, books, birds, etc., are some things present in the world.

The things in the world are of two categories depending on their characteristics.

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Plants are living organisms found around the world. Almost everything living relies on plants for survival. Plants also supply the majority of our food. We consume different parts of the plants including leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, and stems.

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Animals are living organisms present around us. They require food, air, and shelter to survive and undergo reproduction to produce new organisms of their kind. All animals are different from one another, and there is a wide variety of them. Basically, there are two kinds of animals

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Human Beings and Their Needs

Human beings are living organisms in the world. They depend on other things for their survival. The basic requirements that a human being needs to survive are food, water, and shelter.

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Good Habits and Safety Rules

Habits are the day-to-day behaviours that every individual develops over time. Good habits are essential for a healthy and happy life.

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Air and Water

Air and water are natural resources that are essential for our survival. We cannot live without air or water.

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Weather and The Sky


A layer of air covers the Earth, and it is called the atmosphere. The temperature of the atmosphere keeps changing. Sometimes it is hot and sometimes cold. The change in the atmosphere is called the weather. The weather changes monthly, daily, or even hourly.

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Level 2 & Achievers

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Free Sample Questions for

Question 1

A is a young plant.
A. seed
B. seedling
C. flower

Question 2

What color are monarch butterflies?
A. all black
B. all orange
C. all white
D. black and orange

Question 3

You want to find if an apple tastes sweeter than a peach. Which will you use?
A. ears
B. hands
C. mouth

Question 4

When the seed is planted grow down.
A. roots
B. stems
C. flowers

Question 5

Which of the following is part of the digestive system?
A. brain
B. heart
C. stomach
D. lung

Question 6

Which animal sleeps with one eye open to look out for danger?
A. horse
B. bat
C. dolphin
D. koala

Question 7

New plants grow from .
A. seeds
B. flowers
C. grass

Question 8

What are some examples of invertebrates?
A. fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals
B. lizards
C. earthworm, tapeworm, clam, sponge, crab
D. none of the above

Question 9

All insects have a hard outer shell called an .
A. abdomen
B. exoskeleton
C. antenna

Question 10

Miguel is camping. At night, he goes into his tent and turns on a flashlight. Miguel can see his sleeping bag in the tent. Why can Miguel see his sleeping bag?
A. The sleeping bag gives off its own light.
B. The flashlight illuminates the sleeping bag.