Math Olympiad Questions for Class 1

Math Olympiad Questions for Class 1 has been designed for the students so that they get an understanding within every part of mathematics. Such Olympiads help the students to know their potential and helps them learn better.

Usually, Class 1 students have just stepped into this new school lifestyle. Maths olympiad for class 1 worksheets will be a great way to brush off their weaknesses and make their calculations stronger.

Maths is a subject that requires a lot of practice. Maths Olympiad for Class 1 previous year question papers is the best way to enhance their confidence while tackling complicated mathematical problems. Hence in return boosting their intelligence and skills.

Benefits of Math Olympiad Questions for Class 1

  1. Attempting the Math Olympiad for Class 1 Question Paper will help the student to make their basic concepts stronger and clear.
  2. A vast help in preparation for the school tests.
  3. A student can understand their potential and eventually grow from their onwards.

Gaining access to the Maths Olympiad for Class 1 previous year question papers is used to test the aptitudes of various students. They can hence, boost their confidence level and gain the ability to solve any problem with ease.

Syllabus for Math Olympiad Exams

These are the chapters covered in most of the Math Olympiad Exams.

Number Sense

Place Value

We have single digit, two digits, three digits, etc. numbers. For single digit numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) we use only one place to write. This place is known as Ones Place.

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Basic Addition

Addition means keeping things together. For addition we put ‘+’ sign, and it is known as ADD/PLUS sign.

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Basic Subtraction

When we remove something from a group of things then the process is known as subtraction or deduction. We use minus(-) sign for subtraction.

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Lengths, Weights and Comparisons

Comparison of Lengths and Weights

For Grade 1 students are only required to compare 2 objects based on their length and weights. e.g.
A truck is longer than a book.
An apple weighs less than the chair.

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Basic of Time

Any clock has three hands to measure time.

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Money is used for buying different things such as toys, food, clothes or vehicles. Money is also used to get service from experts, be they a gardener or a doctor.

Coins and currency notes are used as physical money. They come in different denominations.

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Geometrical Shapes

Flat Shapes

Flat shapes are made of straight lines. Few flat shapes are shown below.

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Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning comprises a set of aptitude questions that require logical analysis to arrive at a solution. The questions are present on different concepts which we must solve by applying the brain. Some questions even need out-of-the-box thinking to solve. Almost all competitive exams have logical reasoning.

Logical reasoning includes aptitude, alphabet series, number series, reasoning questions, solved questions, coding, decoding practice questions, critical thinking questions etc.

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Level 2 & Achievers

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Free Sample Questions for

Question 1

Which correctly compares the number of pictures?
A. 4 < 3
B. 4 > 3
C. 3 = 3
D. 4 = 4

Question 2

Which amount is the greatest?
A. $34
B. $43
C. $40
D. $30

Question 3

Bryan is counting by 3s. He says the numbers:3, 6, 9, 12Which number should Bryan say next?
A. 13
B. 14
C. 15
D. 16

Question 4

Pick the number that comes between 72 and 74
A. 70
B. 71
C. 73
D. 75

Question 5

37 < ?
A. 37
B. 28
C. 40
D. 36

Question 6

Which number sentence is true?
A. 38 is greater than 32
B. 32 is greater than 38
C. 38 is equal to 32
D. 38 is less than 32

Question 7

Look at the pencils:A. B. C. Which correctly orders the pencils shortest to longest?
A. A, B, C
B. B, C, A
C. C, A, B

Question 8

Which clock shows 10 o'clock?

Question 9

Tomorrow is Sunday. What day is today?
A. Friday
B. Monday
C. Saturday
D. Wednesday

Question 10

How many cubes?
A. 11
B. 101
C. 110
D. 111